Technological Platform

Buffett Contact Center counts on the powerful and innovative technology of ASTERISK, an application servant which allows that terminal clients direct connection. Once connected, the users can transmit voice and video in real time. Asterisk is an application of code opened by a central telephone office (PBX), in which a caller is directly connected and then can determine the number of telephones used to make calls to each other. Asterisk also connects to a suppliers of VoIP, RDSI and/or ISDN and other IP platforms.

Asterisk includes many characteristics previously only available in expensive proprietary systems like PBX, voicemail, conferences, IVR, ACD, and many others. The user can create new functions by writing the dial plan in Asterisk script language and/or adding modules written in PHP or other supported technologies like Linux. The system then can integrate with CRM, telephony, and VoIP with accessibility from any part of the world through a secured Internet connection.

Global telecommunication companies began using Asterisk as native system for VoIP along with "Sip Express Router" instead of other proprietary PBX systems like Alcatel, Cisco, Avaya and Nortel.

For more information visit: www.asterisk.org


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