What is a Contact Center?

A contact center is a center for telephone service that has the capacity to answer a high amount of calls, with different objectives. Its principal focus is outbound calls and the reception of inbound calls, fulfilling the expectations of each of the implemented campaigns. Since its beginnings, the service of the contact centers have fully-developed towards a solution where economic and quality results converge, which works as a direct interface for its clients. Of course, the interface has to be quick, independent from the location and with great facilities to obtain the required information. It allows you to run your business efficiently, maximizing resources, reducing costs, increasing your profits and obtaining a greater contact with your clients. Therefore, the concept of contact center is beyond the traditional telephone switchboard. It is a tool to handle resources not only to offer a professional customer service by a well trained employee, but it involves new technologies, as the service through Internet, SMS, automatic voice reception, etc. A contact center generates important information for all our clients, maximizing resources, reducing costs, increasing your profits ("crossed sales") and, of course, allows a greater contact with our clients. Thanks to this redefinition of procedures in business, is possible to increase productivity besides having a better structured business environment (centralized management in business). Through a contact center is possible to offer services not only to clients, but to internal con tributors and your company providers for, understood as important people, they are clients too.

Are callers greeted by a live agent or recorded message?

It's completely up to you. You may wish to have all of your callers greeted promptly and professionally by one of our highly trained customer service representatives in a specific language. The other alternative option is to record a custom greeting giving your callers information and then allowing them to choose from a menu how they would like their call directed along with the option of talking to a "live" agent in a specific language.

What are your hours of operation?

Our multilingual staff is here to serve your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days per year, including holidays!

When and how often do you verify customer agent skills?

We verify agent skills on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis. Our leadership and management team is constantly monitoring for quality assurance and elevating the skills of each employee, real time 24/7/365. Our entire management and agent staff take ongoing knowledge & skill based evaluation tests to review against their results and activities.

How do I know if the agents are properly answering my questions?

We train and review with all of our agents to answer questions based upon the knowledge base you provide us.

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