Multilingual Services

We offer companies a unique solution by providing a diverse range of languages from a one low cost location for their offshore contact center needs. Please let us know the languages and the depth of your project, and we will ensure to have the right workforce to successfully deliver the services that you need.

Market Research - We produce objective research data to compare performance of companies and in-depth actionable feedback on performance. Our types of research services include:

  • Brand performance measures.
    Product awareness
    Service quality
    Risk management
    New product/service launch
    Salary surveys
    Creating recruiting target lists from competitors
    Competitor product, service, and pricing analysis

Data Collection – Buffett Contact Centerprovides complete data collection, analysis, and reporting through telephone, mail, point of sale, focus groups, and online media to collect information. Some of our clients' request a data file where others want a complete presentation of results.

Data Analysis and Reporting – We will customize information and make recommendations that best meet your needs and budgets while offering a full range of data analysis tools.We develop concise, easy-to-understand reports from tab and banner production to more sophisticated data analysis.

Teleservices (Inbound) Teleservices (Outbound)
Order taking Lead generation
Sales Introducing new products and services
Cross selling and up selling Cross selling and up selling
E-commerce support Customer Reactivation
Lead Generation Scheduling appointments
Customer Satisfaction programs Renewing memberships, subscriptions, updates, upgrades and renewals
Hotlines - Including toll-free product order lines and emergency response lines Database research and creation
Dealer locator programs General announcements
Send customers' information to VAR's, resellers, distributors, channel partners or sales force Multilingual executive search & recruiting services
Open enrolment campaigns Open enrolment campaigns
Hotlines - Including toll-free product order lines and emergency response lines Database research and creation
Dealer locator programs General announcements
Send customers' information to VAR's, resellers, distributors, channel partners or sales force Multilingual executive search & recruiting services
Open enrolment campaigns General announcements Human resources & staffing related services
Handling claims Marketing and industries surveys including, but not limited to: customer satisfaction, industry and employee climate surveys
Trouble tickets and service issues  
Giving quotes  
Special promotions or discount offers  
Scheduling appointments  
Requests for further information  
Help Desk  
Advertising and marketing campaigns  
Processing credit cards and receiving payments  

*Essential and fundamental telephone etiquettes we use when talking to your customers'

  • Listen carefully to the customer while demonstrating proactive needs evaluation.
  • Always maintain a professional, upbeat, warm, engaging, and friendly rapport with each customer Communicate with a proactive-positive attitude with each customer
  • Respond only according to all of the information provided by our client.
  • Always maintain a calm, cool and respectful disposition even with the most difficult customers'
  • Always communicate with customers in an honest and ethical manner
  • Control the lengths of the calls
  • Reach or exceed all objectives and goals of our clients'
More Services

Online Support Services

Communication tools have expanded over the last decade and consumers have become more demanding and having contact center support will enable your business to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Historically visitors to a website will not necessarily make a purchase on their first visit and they will often get discouraged if they are unable to obtain an answer to a question. The impression that your website and your response makes will be a deciding factor if they return. Consumers want to receive the same type of courteous service from a website as they would at a retail store.

Live Chat will keep your online business supported throughout the entire day or even 24/7/365 with customer service representatives that care about the success of your business. This will build customer confidence by providing answers to their questions instantly.
Online Call Back Requests

A call back request enables our representative the opportunity to call your potential customer back to assist with any questions they might have. Often times, research might be necessary depending upon the nature of the request.

A call back request enables our representative the time to obtain the necessary information to assist the consumer with an informed response.

Buffett Contact Centercan provide you with your own password protected, personal account site. This will enable you to have all of your information available to you in real time 24/7/365 at your fingertips for immediate reporting features.

Additional Features and Services

Track your project results – so you know exactly how your advertising dollars are working for you.

Create customized databases – We can create and compile a tailor made database for you. Then we can email or call your current customers' for you and/or target new prospects as well. We can also be helpful in supporting either an inbound or outbound call perspective when you are launching new products or have a special promotional offer.

Sort data by geographical markets - You can easily sort activities and results by state or zip code.

Daily sales reporting - Sales can be tracked on a day to day basis, from month to month or even in hourly increments. Compile a list of top selling items.

Inventory reports – You can track real time inventory that is available as well as track seasonal market trends.

Custom reporting – is also available with a completely scalable CRM database of information available to you when you need it the most. Contact us for more information

*Why Offshore Outsourcing with Buffett Contact Center?

With today's tough economic environment and the employers' legal responsibilities becoming even more challenging there are many reasons why you should consider outsourcing to Buffett Contact Center. Our clients' come to us in search of creative and fresh ideas to reduce their increasing costs and overhead, without compromising quality and customer contact support efficiency. Transferring portions of sales, tech support, customer service, back office processing with cost friendly multilingual trained personnel is an attractive option. However, since the managing of an internal contact center is such a large, costly and complex endeavor, this has prevented many companies from adopting this approach. We can minimize your expenses and risk by over 50%, please contact us to learn how!

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