Data Center

Buffett Contact Center acts as a primary North American communications hub for telecommunications carriers and data center firms from around the globe. As an essential connection point for corporate data networks, local and long distance telephony, Internet peering, and critical data storage facilities, the Buffett Contact Center Street building has been designed to accommodate the highest standards of security reliability and connectivity.

Points of Entry

Points EntryBuffett Contact Center has more than 25 Points of Entry (POE) penetrating the building, offering an extensively diverse pathway "Fiber Connectivity" solution for any subscriber or service provider wishing to enter. Buffett Contact Center can be entered from all sides, increasing the number of right-of-ways that can be used to gain access. Further, the proximity to the rail lines, a major right-of-way for national fiber optic loops, enhances access to national networks.


RoomLocated in the heart of the building, Buffett Contact Center manages a highly secure fiber optic Meet-Me Room, offering easy access from building entry points; it is adjoined by a diverse riser system. Built in 2000, this room now houses access points for networks literally spanning the globe. Phase II or a secondary Meet-Me Room coming to the building soon!

Riser System

RoomThe Riser System consists of two diverse pathways linked directly to the Meet-Me Room and connecting vertical pathway to the penthouse level. The system offers diversity for your networking requirements, ease of installation for speed and cost savings.



RoomUniformed security patrol the premises and surrounding area 24/7/365 as part of a customized security system and protocol while optical turnstiles and door entry card access provide a second level of security. Tenants also deploy their own proprietary security systems. Access to all high-security areas, such as the Meet-Me Room and Riser Systems, require a supervisor to monitor all personnel.



RoomA reliable source of primary power is of paramount importance to Buffett Contact Center 7/24/265 operation — an expensive but necessary venture to secure a reliable power supply from the local substation. In 2001, two new 4000/5000KVA transformers were added to ensure the reliability of Buffett Contact Center power supply. These transformers are fed by dual underground 13.8 Kv feeder lines from the local substation.



RoomNew district cooling provides chilled water to the building according to pre-determined temperature, capacity, and consumption. With our tenants' higher than normal cooling requirements, this ensures a reliable chilled water supply that can easily grow with the building's needs. Many Buffett Contact Center tenants have installed secondary cooling units "Condensers" on the roof area.


Diesel Fuel Farm

RoomTo support the generator power plant, Buffett Contact Center environmentally compliant diesel fuel storage facilities can house up to 44,000 gallons in tenant-owned tanks providing fuel to the generators. Buffett Contact Center owns the street at the back of the property, this refueling trucks and roll-up generators enjoy unrestricted access to ensure their facilities 7/24/365 operation during an emergency.

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