Partnering Strategy

Partnering with Buffett Contact Center allows you to have all your customer contact support needs and resources well managed by trained professionals, who will now be your personal virtual staff. You will have access to all of our internal resources, so that you can focus on your core competencies and not be distracted by an internal contact center located at your facility. We can seamlessly integrate all of your internal processes and procedures into ours. Consider Buffett Contact Center an extended arm of your business that will deliver equal, if not, superior customer experience over your current contact service provider.

    Operative outsourcing & operation
    Customer service & help desk
    Multilingual contact support services
    Retention programs
    Sales & lead generation
    Post sales support
    Technical support
    E-mail management
    Web contact center
    Information services
    Database management
    Systems integration
    Research services
    Specialized consulting
    Professional services
    Human resources
    Receiving payments and credits
    Promotional and marketing campaigns
    Sales support to VAR's, distributors, resellers and channel partners
    Multilingual executive search & recruiting services
Contact Center

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